Let’s Meet the New Teachers!


by Wisley Lau

Every year, our school opens its gates and welcomes new teachers into our family. This year is no different, and we’ve added many new, wonderful educators to our school. Coming from a variety of different places and backgrounds, they make our school a diverse and fruitful learning community.

Mr. Barry

Mr. Barry comes from the United States. When he was young, he wanted to be a writer and a film director. “One fun fact about me is that before I was a teacher, I was a cook.” This is interesting since he is now an English teacher.

When asked about our school, Mr. Barry describes it as a very positive place. “I think our students are nice, smart, and hard-working. The teachers are also very helpful!” He also feels that our school has a great atmosphere, and he likes how it focuses on positive education very much, especially doing activities about positive education with students.

Mr. Dempsey

Mr. Dempsey comes from Vancouver, Canada. His career aspirations have changed a lot since he was a kid.

“When I was little, I wanted to be a construction worker when I grew older. Then I wanted to be an accountant. After I left college, I worked in an office for a while and I thought that was really boring. So I remembered when I was in college, before I got a degree in English, I tutored a lot. So it’s like something I fell into.”

When his contract at his previous school was almost finished, he applied through an advertisement he saw online. He says the students and the school are very well known and the students are passionate about learning different subjects. The teachers are very supportive and eager to build a better learning environment.

“The school has done a good job on the use of technology, like having devices in the class to use for activities. It is also well-located. The students are very good as they have great results.’

Miss Sham

Miss Sham was born in Canada. When she was young, she dreamed of being either a teacher, a pilot, or a psychologist. Before becoming a teacher, Miss Sham worked as a saleswoman.

“When I was in university, I got a degree in psychology and later a degree in teaching. I came here because I wanted to challenge myself to teach students.” She says that the students are very energetic and our teachers are helpful. She also enjoys the school’s casual atmosphere and the variety of activities available.

Ms. Sheik

Ms. Sheik is an Indian-Hong Konger. She wanted to be either a teacher or a doctor, but apparently being a doctor means having to come across blood and organs, and that is not for her. So she decided to be a teacher instead.

“One of the reasons I heard about this school is because my professor was also the professor of Mr. Steven Yu, and he had good comments about the school,” Ms. Sheik explained. “So, when I heard they had an opening, I sent in my application.”

Ms. Sheik is enjoying her time working here. “I think the students are very active and ask lots of good questions,” she said. “The teachers are also helpful and kind.” She also feels that this school is really different from others. “It’s really innovative and encourages students to be more positive.”

Our school is so glad to have a variety of new teachers joining and ready to teach us. Our school will be sure to give them a warm welcome, and the students are sure to learn a lot from them!