Message from our House Captains about Sports day

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By Kelly Yeung Sum Yuet S1DY(31)

When you were cheering or just lazing about on Sports day, did you ever think about who encouraged the house members to cheer? Have you ever wondered about who organized everything? About who made all the fun and adrenaline possible? It’s the house committees, of course! And the people who lead the committees are house captains and vice captains. I’m sure everyone is curious about what they had to say about their house. Fortunately, we’ve interviewed them for you. Here is what they had to say.

Gandhi house captain

We asked the Gandhi house captain, Jacky Lee, about their performance and cheering. “I can see that they are really willing to contribute to the house points and they are enjoying their time with Gandhi.” We saw some great energy coming from Gandhi house, so look forward to the next sports day.

We then asked about the future of Gandhi house. They mentioned that they hope all members “can have more happy memories, and enjoy their life as a secondary student because of Gandhi House.” After watching the enthusiastic cheering and teamwork from Gandhi, it's safe to say that this can be easily accomplished.

Lastly, Jacky Lee had a message for the members of the Gandhi House. “What I want my house to know is that to win is not the most important thing; it’s the journey getting there where you learn and develop. “For example, when the cheering started, everyone was so confused about the dance steps, but as time went on, they got better and better and you could really see the team spirit. I think this was the most important lesson they learned from house competitions.”

Laozi house captain

Ashira Kwan, the Laozi house captain, shared some of her thoughts on the cheering performance. “Once the competition began, they really saw how important it was to cheer for our house.” Laozi brought enthusiasm and energy to their cheering which helped motivate everyone to perform really well, she said.

Laozi has some plans for the future, and Ashira really wanted to emphasize that the “the most important thing is not getting first place, but creating a culture that will continue on” for many years going forward. There was a really emphasis on creating “a sense of family.”

The Laozi house committee wanted to express their appreciation for their members’ cheering and contribution this year. “I’m really happy to have you guys as a family and I really appreciate all of your efforts. Thank you so much,” said Ashira.

Copland house captain

Copland house captain, Jim Lui, had this to share about the cheering: “I think that this year we did really well, because even though at the start of the day we were in fourth place among all houses, by the end of the day our house managed to go back up to second place.” The cheering done by Copland house was of great help, as they tried their best and tested their limits.

Going forward for the house, the “goal is to let our house maintain the overall champion status so that we can be the overall champion three years in a row,” said Jim. Copland has high hopes that they will continue performing the best they can.

Finally, Jim had some words of encouragement: “To all Copland members, I know we are not the best in athletics, we are not the best in swimming or running, but I know we have the spirit. Even though at times we are lacking energy, it only takes some encouragement and we try their our best and push our limits. Lastly, you must “believe in yourself and believe in your house. When you feel like a failure, remember that your house is behind you, we’ve got your back, we’re still a big family and we’re always with you.”

Newton house captain

We also interviewed the Newton house captain, Emma Leung, about Newton house’s cheering performance: “Although we had some ups and downs, we still overcame it together as a house. The cheering was well rehearsed and focused, and each and every one of our members did really well in their events.”

For the future, Emma said that “one of my main goals this year, like I said in my election speech, [was that] I want to enhance our sense of belonging and basically the overall bonding of each house member. I want my members to feel like Newton is a big family.” Through proper dedication and teamwork, they will surely succeed.

Lastly, their message for other members was that “although not everyone is good at sports, I hope you can engage in sports competitions. No matter if you are a runner or a dancer in the cheering team or just a spectator, I hope that everyone enjoys themselves, and has fun.”

Austen house captain

Austen house captain, Ning Wong, had some things to say about their cheering: “Last year the cheering wasn’t really focused.” However, things changed this year. “I think this time we did a lot better and people are willing to cheer for the house.”

“This year we aimed to get the championship.” Regardless of the championship, “I think the most important thing is that all house members should enjoy the game and also participate in it.”

The house captain had this message to share with their team: “Fight for our house and gain a sense of belonging.”

Suukyi vice house captain

Suukyi vice house captain, Fermin So, had this to say about their cheering: “All of our house members have done a very great job, because they have committed to cheer very loudly and everyone tried their best to compete.”

Going forward, “we have planned to have more bonding with our house members,” and so therefore “this year we plan to improve our unity and cohesion among our members.” Team spirit and bonding are an important element and a key to success in increasing “our house points and enhancing our house cohesion”.

Lastly, their message to all Suukyi members: “I think all of our members did an excellent job in on the sports day, so I’d like to show my gratitude to you because without you, Suukyi would not have gotten second place in the sports day.” Finally, “I think everyone needs to try their best to do their part as a team, to work as a house so that we can improve our unity and all of us can be like a family.”

In Closing

As you can see, the house captains have really paid a lot of effort to help their houses and to let house members have a sense of belonging. After all, if you don’t feel like you belong in your house, you wouldn’t pay so much effort. Also, congratulations to Copland for getting the champion for sports day! For those who didn’t get first, it’s okay, you can do better next time. Let’s all send our gratitude to our house captains for trying so hard and let’s try our best in the competitions!