Athletics Team Turns in Promising D1 Performance

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By Wisley Lau Ho Yue S2CS(16) and Ethan Kan Chi Yan S2LT(9)

On the 8th of March, our student athletes and cheering team joined forces to compete with other schools in the HKSSF Division 1 finals. As the day began, everyone in the stadium was anxiously anticipating the start of the day’s action. As the announcements rolled in and the feast of competitive events began, the athletes were pumped and ready to take their best shot at winning the championship. Meanwhile, students and teachers all shouted in support, hoping the athletes could take home the gold after their fruitful work.


This is our second time competing in Division One. This year, our athletes’ hard work continued to lead them to accomplish a lot.

Wing Hong, one of the athletes competing in the 800M finals, was very excited before his event and was euphoric about his results afterwards. When the authors interviewed him, he was still calming down from his “wonderful performance” even though he won fifth place in the finals.

Wing Hong described his training as “challenging”. He had to train every Tuesday and Thursday, and his training involved running non-stop during the training sessions. Although he felt it was tiring, he kept on going and had practised hard in pursuit of a good result.

Even after all this training, he was still concerned about the competition. “I was a little nervous at the start, but I kept encouraging myself so that I would achieve a great result.” For future athletes, he said that they should be consistent with their training and believe in themselves if they want to succeed.

Cheering Students

At the stadium, hundreds of schoolmates cheered for the competitors striving for excellence that day. And the students were all very excited and put all their effort that day into cheering.

“I love the spirit shown in the D1 competitions,” said Jennifer Wong from S3. “Everyone is passionate and energetic about the competitions. They are putting all their effort into supporting the students even though they are not competing during the event.”

The cheering students had a positive attitude about the event, according to Brian Cheung, a student from S2. “I think our school did a great job today. Despite the fact that we didn’t earn a gold medal, we still had wonderful achievements and didn’t forget that it took a lot of hard work to get to the D1 competitions.”


In conclusion, in just a decade or less, we’ve worked our way up from Division Three to Division One. There were amazing athletes like Rayo Lee, Gordon Lai representing HKUGAC on the fields, crossing their finish lines with pride, not to mention the teachers and instructors like Ms. Esther Li who devoted their time to the school teams.

HKUGA students never give up and our enthusiasm will continue to lead us even in times of trouble and uncertainty. We have persevered our way through despite all the challenges that have been thrown at us. I believe that no matter what grave situation we find ourselves in, our athletes will always find their way to success and continue to thrive for our school.