Aquarius Season (a.k.a, the Weirdest Time of the Year)

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By Gyneth Mok S2DL (20)

Welcome to the world of astrology, where planets and stars determine your life. Well ok, no. If so, we would all be dead. Not a happy thought. But Aquarius season is coming soon, giving us new insights on different aspects of life. Plus. it’s also one of the best times to be a weirdo.

Aquarius means ‘water bearer’ in Latin and is sometimes associated with Deucalion, the son of Prometheus from Greek mythology.

Aquarius season officially starts on the 20th of January when the sun moves from Capricorn and shines onto Aquarius (the constellation) and ends on the 18th February, when the sun ‘leaves’. The people who are born in this time period are Aquarians. So happy birthday to all Aquarians! This approximately 30-day-period brings a brand new energy into our lives.

In contrast with the hardworking Capricorn energy, Aquarius season brings fresh air into our lungs, accompanied by a dash of imagination, allowing us to defy and bend the rules.

Each zodiac sign has its own element, ruler, and modality. The element for Aquarius is not water, in contrast to its name, but air. Air signs tend to be a breeze; you can never catch them, and most importantly, they are interesting and adventurous.

The ruler of Aquarius is the planet Uranus, known for uniqueness, rebellion, and unexpected changes, making Aquarius season a favourable time to expand or even break the box that contains your mind for a bit. You can come up with new and creative ways to solve problems and defy all your traditional ways of thinking and doing things.

The modality of Aquarius is fixed. In astrology, the 12 zodiac signs can be separated into 3 groups: cardinal, fixed and mutable according to the beginning, middle, and end of each season. Aquarius prevails when ice and cold forcefully grip the ground. Fixed signs are all about persevering, the power of sustaining. So when you are in Aquarius season, never ever give up (although you are advised to do the same every day of the year). The power of Aquarius will help you through it.

There are some important dates to watch out for during Aquarius season. One of the most important ones is mercury retrograde during 17th February. Mercury retrograde means that mercury is going ‘backwards’ across the sun. Mercury isn’t actually going backwards, but rather from the perspective of the Earth, Mercury appears to be going backwards as it is moving slower. During that period of time, Mercury ruled aspects like communication and technology will become more unstable and weak. Adding on to the transit of Mercury between Pisces and Aquarius. February 17thwill make the originally Mercury weak water sign Pisces much more lacking in communication. Beware of blurting out random thoughts that aren’t filtered or processed, especially things that are very emotional. Handle your emotions well. At the same time, we will be given certain second chances in life. An old wound gets time to heal now. You could be brought back to your spiritual realm.

All in all, Aquarius season is a strange time, a time to grow, expand your mind, take some chances, and maybe a little strange. Embrace this period and enjoy whatever unique experiences it may bring you.