3 Ways to Stay in a Healthy Relationship with Friends


By S3CD (8) Lam Hillary

Friends are always seen as your closest ‘relatives’ even if you aren’t biologically related. There are many benefits to having good friends, so it is really important that we keep a healthy relationship with them. This article is going to show you 3 ways to keep a healthy friendship.

First off, have good communication with your friends. But the question is, how do you have good communication? It's very simple. For instance, say sorry and apologise if you were wrong, or if you get into a fight. This might seem too simple of advice, but it is very important as apologising helps heal relationship breakdowns that inevitably occur. Or it may happen the other way round! You should forgive your friend for their mistakes if they have already reflected on what they have done wrong. Also, as you continue this fighting and forgiving process, you will enhance your bonds and the relationship will grow as you each get to know more about one another.

Secondly, respect each other. This is a major key to any relationship. We have always been taught to respect people, but why? Receiving respect from others is important because it helps us to feel safe and to express ourselves. Respect also means allowing others to be who they are while you learn to accept them. In friendship, instead of imprisoning your friend’s true self, you should let them be comfortable with their actions. You can give out advice but it shouldn’t be critical. Being respected and respecting others at the same time is very useful to building trust and also to reduce peer pressure. That’s why respecting your friends is such a major key to any relationship, in particular friendship.

Last but not least, be true to each other. This is very crucial as dishonesty leads to many friendship failures.Truefriends are our soulmates. We share our feelings, secrets and experiences with each other. If you hide your feelings, it could cause harm to your friend’s mental state. Your friends may feel betrayed or separated because they tell you their feelings but you hide yours. You could even lose your only friend! Being honest creates a solid relationship, and a solid relationship helps you reduce stress, making it a healthy friendship.

In conclusion, since we all agree that keeping a healthy friendship is such a major part of our life, I hope you are able to find out some effective ways to maintain strong friendships by having open communication, respect, and honesty.