The Definition of Love

#positiverelationships #positiveemotion

By S1SW (5) Chan Wing Tsun Valerie

As we start a new year, it’s a good time to take stock on the people we love the most. But what is love? What does this word even mean? To find out, I asked some of my own friends and family to get their opinions on what this often-used word means.

  1. “Love is magical and wonderful and it feels great to love and to be loved, even if it’s not the romantic type of love. You don’t have to hug or kiss anyone - just caring about someone you love is already enough.”

  1. “Love is made up of four letters, ‘l o v’ and ‘e’. When people discover you love somebody secretly, you will pretend that you know nothing and try your best to hide everything, pretend the person you like is annoying, and ship people back with no reason… There is no exact meaning of love, but when you love someone, even if you don’t admit it, you’ll know it in your heart.”

  1. “Love is like a fart. It’s warm, predictable and it sometimes stinks. But it can also be the best feeling in the world.”

  1. “Love doesn’t necessarily need a definition. For me, love is a close connection emotionally with others. If you have love for another person, you will support them, help them or seek attention from them.”

  1. “Love is complicated but will happen naturally as life goes on as long as you don’t rush it. There are different types of love and you will form different relationships with each of your loved ones.”

  1. “I think love is like showing your care and ‘some poop like that’ to the people you love and you make sure they’re all right because you care deeply about them.”

  1. “Love can be very complicated since there are many types of love. You love your family, you love your friends, and there’s also your special someone. Sometimes you feel like you’re in heaven, but other times it can be quite frustrating.”

  1. “Love is the best feeling on Earth. When you love someone it’s like you’re looking at the world with rose colored glasses ‘cause everything is more beautiful and perfect than ever. You know you love someone when you feel safe and loved in their arms and, well, like it’s your happily ever after.”

  1. “I think love is always expressed in different ways. The common type of love is expressed in kindness, generosity, and warmth. But love can be applied in a different aspect. People may express love in violence, isolation, or embarrassment. But love always comes from intention. That's the most dangerous part of love. You will never know if someone really loves you or not. Love is scary, dangerous, and painful, but it is also heartwarming and touching.”

  1. “Love is something that is really simple. When you truly love someone, you will feel like you want him or her to love back. Because you want that love to be mutual. You could love anywhere and anytime. There shouldn’t be any regulations for love. No matter if it is your friends, family or your other half, you could still love them.  People shouldn’t discriminate or stereotype some kind of love such as gay, bisexual, lesbian,etc since there is the freedom of love.”

Well, the bottom line is that love is complicated. But it’s worth the wait, the tears and the heartbreak, because at the end of every love story lies a Happily Ever After. Besides, you’ll never know if you don’t try opening your heart to love (Don’t be a Grinch!). So get out there, hug your parents, call your friends, and wish them a happy new year full of kindness and love!