Best Things to do at Hong Kong Disneyland


By S2KL (30) Wong Meryl Finn

Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland is definitely on my list of the best places to go during holidays. The magical theme park has crazy rides like RC Racer. It also puts on some amazing shows and parades. Ending your magical journey with a fireworks display in the night sky over the magnificent Cinderella’s Castle is the perfect way to end your day. But what are some of the other attractions you should experience while you’re there?

Hyperspace Mountain 

It used to be called ‘Space Mountain’, but has now been renamed and incorporated into the Star Wars universe. On this ride, you go flying through space as part of a Star Wars battle. This fast-paced ride was my favourite when I was little.

Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars

This is relatively a new ride. Here, you ride a roller coaster designed like a mine car and go speeding through mountains and canyons. My favourite part of this ride is the surprise reverse backward drop.

RC Racer

This has been my favourite ride since it was added to the Disney rides series. It is way crazier than the classic pirate ship ride. You ride on top of RC from Toy Story as you go up and down on a twenty-seven meter tall U-shaped race track, I enjoy sitting in the first or last roll of the ride since both seats are closer to the highest point of the track. You will really jump up from the seat and feel yourself hanging in the air.

Mad Hatter Tea Cups

This was also one of my favourites when I was little. I liked to spin madly in the giant teacup with my friends. Along with the colourful lanterns and the Alice in Wonderland music, the crazy spinning really made me lose my mind and I loved it!

Mystic Manor

When I first went into this haunted house, I was really scared. However, I found out that it’s not that scary. You simply sit in a carriage and enjoy the paintings, sculptures, and weapons introduced by the monkey. Imagine after you’ve been walking around Disneyland for half a day under the bright sun. Sitting in a carriage with super strong air conditioning is the best!

Animation Academy 

For those who love drawing, this is perfect for you. In only twenty minutes, we can learn to illustrate a Disney character of your choice! The Disney animator will teach you how to draw Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and many more!

Paint the Night Parade

Performers and Disney characters wear glowing outfits and dance with you. You can join by buying the Mickey glow mitt or Minnie glow bow, making the evening more joyful and magical.

Disney in the Stars Fireworks 

Last but not least, after the night parade, there is a fireworks show to end your journey at Disneyland. The fireworks are shown every single day for tourists so you don’t need to worry about missing it. The firework above the castle performs perfectly with the classic Disney songs. Also, there are lights projected on the castle. Each night, you will feel like a Disney prince or princess experiencing your own happy ending!

I’m sure we all love Disneyland, the most magical place of all time. Hopefully the COVID outbreak will end soon and we can all visit one of the most beautiful places in Hong Kong.