Holidays: The Best but Missed


By S1CH (7) Lam Hannah

To all the readers out there, you should be able to name the holidays that we celebrate every year, such as New Year's Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas just to name a few. Little did you know, though, there are many more great holidays that you have never heard of before.

1. Random Acts of Kindness Day -- February 17

Have you ever had the intention to do something kind but never acted on it? Well, this holiday is the day! On this day, you can volunteer to serve the elderly and disabled, go clean the beach or give money, food and presents to the homeless. If that isn’t feasible, a simple “thank you” or a smile to everyone you see will suffice!

2. National Scribble Day -- March 27

Not everyone has an artistic side. Even so, you could still scribble something out with no problem. Even if your drawing doesn’t look good or make sense, it doesn’t matter. Utilise this day as an excuse to vent out all anger that you accumulated before, and scribble everything out! But to all the mums out there, make sure not to let your kids scribble on anything else but their paper!!

3. World Giraffe Day -- June 21

What’s the animal with the longest neck? Well, it’s the giraffe.

You’ve probably been hearing about this animal since the day you started to have memories, hence you must think you really know about them. But if you really think about it, how much do you REALLY know about giraffes? Do you even know how they sleep? So on June 21, start learning about and saving these majestic animals because we have already lost 30 percent of them in the past 30 years! Here is a website to spread awareness and learn about giraffes:

4. I Forgot Day -- July 2

Did you forget to do a piece of homework from yesterday? Did you forget to return a pen to your friend? Did you forget to say Happy Birthday to a family member? This day is the perfect day to complete all the things you forgot about. List out all the things that you have forgotten, and try to finish everything in one day. But make sure not to be disheartened when you can’t finish it in a day, just try to finish it up the next day.

5. Dogust First -- August 1

Some families might have adopted a dog but don't know its birthday.  On one fateful day in 2008, The North Shore Animal League actually considered this problem and decided to pick August 1 as every dog’s second birthday. So on August 1, remember to shower your dog with extra love and affection.

6.World Rivers Day -- The fourth Sunday in each September

Rivers play a crucial role in our world as they house a plethora of biodiversity. However, due to global warming, many rivers have been polluted by trash and toxic chemicals. The rivers need help. So everyone please use this day to learn more and try to help the rivers as much as possible.

These holidays are beneficial not only to the environment and animals, but also to other people or even to yourself! So if you can and are willing to, try and clear out the schedule so that you can celebrate these holidays!