How COVID-19 Has Forced Students to be More Mature

#positiverelationships #positivehealth

By S4CC (16) Lau Adrian Wai Yin & S4CW (32) Young Songwei Palin

Maturity. Always a subject brought up by adults and relatives alike at family meetings and such. “Oh, Richard Johnson is so mature now, he’s practically a man!” or “He’s 15 years old now, why is he so immature?” Always the same questions, always the same remarks, always the same vexing repetitions. Your two dear writers deserve an Oscar for being the opposite of mature and have proudly upheld this title for all their lives. They have screamed “I NEED TO PEE” obnoxiously in the stairwell after school (if you hear someone shouting it, you know who it is), but still somehow felt extremely pleased about how immature they are. But since COVID-19 hit us right in the face, things have taken a sharp turn. So, under this situation, what exactly is maturity, and how has it changed amid this pandemic?

Let’s talk about physical maturity. Amidst the pandemic, the majority of us are forced to stay home, so what do we do? Apart from the avalanche of homework from school, all we do are three things: eat, sleep and play video games. Even though this is regarded as lazy by all parents, sleeping a lot and eating does boost up metabolism and hence lets us grow more, both in height and in the amount of fat that we have. But, well, we are all going through puberty, so having a bit of fat is normal and good for maximizing height. Some of our friends have grown over 10cm in the pandemic. So, yes, the pandemic does help us in physical maturity. Or, you can spend some time changing your hairstyle and look cooler, which is something that you can invest your time in during this difficult circumstance.

On top of that, students have had to learn to properly take care of their bodies. Due to the pandemic, people have had to stay in quarantine to maintain their health. However, this has affected the amount of exercise that students do. According to a study that was conducted by the United Kingdom, people have been doing significantly less physical activity during the pandemic. This isn’t a surprise as people basically can’t leave their houses now because of quarantine. This lack of exercise and drastic increase in sedentary activities made many of us begin to gain weight. However, students began to realize this fact, so they learned to adapt properly to the new circumstance that they had been put in, where the amount of time they had outside was much more limited than before. So students began to do home exercises to maintain their fitness. People started to do push-ups, planks, pull-ups, and more. Thus, we can see that in this difficult time, you can put some effort into developing yourself physically. Well, even if you just sit around doing nothing, your body would still grow. Physical maturity at work people. That’s how puberty works.

Now, let us move on to the main course: mental maturity. We had 4 friends come up to us and tell us about how they recently developed crushes so that surely proves people got more mature. They have developed a sense of appreciation for other people, and that comes from maturity. Alright, just kidding. That was immature of us to make jokes about other people’s love life. (However, this act of hormones is an effect of becoming more mature. People get more attracted to the other gender when they get older, leading to this sudden flood of crash reporting). Sorry about the annoying rant and gossiping, but hey we all like that right? See? We are so mature.

Anyways, throughout the pandemic, students have had to learn how to properly adapt to the absurd circumstance that comes in the form of online schooling. For many students, online lessons were drastically worse than physical lessons in terms of learning. This is because in online lessons, you can easily get distracted by your friends, video games, or social media. All these things can impair your learning progress significantly. Not long after the start of online lessons, students realized this daunting truth. And most of us didn’t do anything about it at first. Instead, we simply prayed that the pandemic would end sometime soon and we would come back to “normal life”. But as the months stretched on, students started to realize that waiting wasn’t an option and that we would need to adapt to this inane environment whether we liked it or not. So students tried to become better with enhanced self-regulation. They realized the limitations of half-day classes. So they started self-studying more than they ever had and have worked their butts off (well, some of us, at least). These are signs of mental maturity, coming to realize the circumstances and forcing oneself to take action to cope with them.

Even though the pandemic took away a lot of the aspects of what we would use to call “normal life”, it has allowed students to learn how to adapt to new and never-before-seen environments. It not only forced students to learn how to pay more attention to the care they put into their body, but it also forced students to learn methods of focusing in class and different ways of learning that didn’t only rely on school. So even though going through the pandemic has been a pretty garbage experience, how about we look on the bright side and see how much we’ve grown through it?

Maturity in a nutshell. You’re welcome.