We're a Happy Family


By S3LT(13) Lam Ho Yeung

HKUGAC is our family and our 2nd home, and family members always help each other. The school has provided support to students during online lessons in order to enhance our learning environment and efficiency.

Firstly, the school campus is always open for students to come back for online lessons. The school understands that not all students can have an undisturbed learning environment at home, and many students do not have a stable network or functioning devices. That’s why if you face any difficulties, you can choose to come back to school and use the school’s computers.

In one instance, my building had this annual system check up which involved a power cut from 10am to 5pm. Not only was I not able to use my PC, I also couldn't use the power sockets to charge my mobile devices. Despite this being very inconvenient to my parents, I didn’t have to worry about it because I could simply go back to school!

Besides, the school sent us hard copies of our learning materials through parcels. The school understood that it was more efficient to jot notes on hard copy, rather than typing on a document. They also knew that not every student has a functioning printer at home, so the school decided to do us a favor, so as to better improve our learning.

Along with the parcel were a beautifully designed calendar, a bookmark, and hand sanitizers. You might not find these things very useful, but it shows that the school still cares about our well-being even though we are at home.

In addition, our class teachers would give us a call or send us Whatsapp messages once in a while to check on our well-being and see if we needed help on anything. We could treat them like a family and share anything personal with them, and they were always happy to hear us out and give us suggestions. I found it really warm and caring, especially when students were stuck at home and we couldn’t talk to our classmates and friends.

Overall, the school did a lot to ensure our well-being during school suspension, and made sure we had the best learning environment. The school cared for us, just like a big family, and we should always remember that this family is always there for us, to support us and cheer for us.