Adrift in a Sea of Safari Tabs


By S5WC(22) Ng Chin Wai Denise

A mere 200 word article shouldn't be a hard task for me to accomplish in just 30 minutes. Pray tell, how did I end up with 15 Safari browser tabs open with subjects ranging from a photo of a hippo to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”? The internet, that’s how. The internet is a vast sea of knowledge. With one click, I can uncover the secrets of glycolysis, or some Indian man will teach me about mole ratios. However, it is a double-edged sword, as it erodes our ability to concentrate.

According to research conducted by the Collegian, the average attention span has atrophied by a whopping 7 minutes. The internet was made for the efficient transmission of knowledge – nowadays, bullet points are ubiquitous. As we no longer have to sift through textbooks to find answers to questions, our brain has given itself a “software upgrade” to cater to our current needs. As our ability to fixate on tasks diminishes, we are hence more likely to get distracted.

Our fleeting ability to focus is a dilemma that we must combat immediately – oh look, a video of a hamster waving a bottle! I guess we'll face it later.