The Lost Art of Handwriting


By S4CL(18) Mok Hei Yi Gyneth

Typing is an old technology - from typewriters to keyboards, the innovation of typing has shaped the way we communicate. Letters are no more, instead replaced by texting. Writing itself has become a lost art, and gone with it are the passion and feelings hidden between its lines.

It’s no doubt that typing is efficient, but seeing the hard, lifeless words on a screen bores me endlessly. Each person has a unique handwriting capturing ones’ spirit. But now, every swift stroke, every slash of the pen is unified into a monotonous font; the personal touch of each handwritten note has been replaced by glowing screens.

Writing is meant to be the way we communicate, the way we represent our thoughts and feelings. Yet the words popping up on the screen can be from anyone. With this constantly improving technology, every word we type becomes more detached. These days,  people may not even know how to spell simple words or properly express themselves through writing - all due to the increasing popularity of typing. To me, nothing can compare to the beauty of handwriting.

Innovations improve our lives, yet I wonder: With every step humanity takes forward, how much do we step back?