A Silver Lining in the Pandemic

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By S6CY(6) Chung Josh Cheuk Hei & S6CY(7) Davis Kan Daniel

It has been grueling times for the past two years, yet, our school has managed to host one of the most unforgettable Sports Days in the face of adversity. From riveting races and joyful relays to record-breaking events and mesmerizing speeches, we’ve had it all! However, this wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of our astounding sports department. Your hard work and dedication has fulfilled the expectations of all students.

After talking to the PE teachers, we were able to find out that this year’s Sports Day was unsurprisingly difficult to manage. Even finding a way of booking a sports ground was harder than it used to be, but for different reasons. Even before the pandemic, The PE department used to have to fight to book the Wan Chai Sports Ground due to the large number of schools that wanted to use it. Although that wasn’t a problem this year, there was another obstacle that they had to face – Covid.

This may sound like a given, but Covid really did not make it easy for holding Sports Day. From the regulations that had to be taken into consideration to dealing with parents’ concerns, the PE department had to fight day and night to make this happen. This explains why we were able to see the glowing smile that Ms Esther Li had even through her mask during Sports Day. She was enormously proud of the amount of students that were able to join. She also thought that this might be the thing that would light the fire in students’ hearts to start exercising again, something that was lost amidst the pandemic.

Even other subject teachers gave us positive feedback on how the Sports Day turned out. Ms Vienna Chang told us that she was able to see a visible difference in the atmosphere. Students have never cheered louder, and that included non-committee members, according to Ms Chang. All the pent-up energy that students had built up from quarantine finally made its way out of athletes’ bodies.

When talking to the people on the field, we could tell that the teachers’ observations were on point. We interviewed them after their competitions and though they were all out of breath and exhausted, the jubilation that they expressed was something that was hard to miss. Seeing all the persevering faces of our students, we could tell that everyone paid their biggest effort. Putting aside victories and losses, every one radiated flamboyant energy. It was delightful to see students beyond absorbed in their events.

The star of the show was undoubtedly Ivan Wong, who broke the previous record in high jump, despite the lack of training that he’s had in recent years. Talking to him was seriously an eye-opener. Although he had every reason to be cocky, he instead was very humble and affectionate. He told us the massive feat he had achieved was not as impressive as it seemed, and that he was no shining star. He also mentioned how he had had higher hopes for himself, wanting to train more to reach greater heights (no pun intended).

We also took the opportunity to interview some of our house captains. All of them had high hopes for members who actively participated in both track and field events. Even though not everyone was able to earn their triumphant victories, the amount of cheering and support was what signified the undying house spirit. According to Laozi’s house captain, Andrea Wan, she has never seen her house this united, with students from across all forms chanting in unison, showing their competitiveness and strong desire to win. It is this sort of unassailable tenacity of our students that represents our school’s goal of striving for excellence.

In our six years of attending this school, we have never seen a community so vibrant, a school so united, and students so involved. When looking back on the pandemic, we often associate our worst experiences as the whole of the 2 years. However, this Sports Day was able to bring out the good in our students, an energy of positivity that we would have never expected, but were lucky enough to have. However, the journey doesn’t end here, as we believe that the same energy will be passed onto the newcomers. The pandemic has taught us to value what we took for granted before, and so we believe this lack of a Sports Day will bring us closer together than ever before in the years to come.