HKUGAPS P6 College Day

After enjoying the bus ride to the HKUGA College campus, P6 students and accompanying teachers were greeted by the College leadership team and escorted to the Hall, where they were welcomed by the Principal, and then briefed on the day’s rundown. From there, they went off on their great College Day adventure, which began by using their campus map to find the location of the first lesson they would attend. Impressively, everyone found their way! Secondary 1, 2 and 3 students and teachers eagerly awaited their arrival and then the lessons began.

Recess was spent with their buddies, exploring the campus, followed by two more lessons. They then enjoyed their complementary lunch for P6 students and their buddies, together in the Activity Centre while watching our Prime Production videos about S1 College life. After lunch, students and spread throughout the campus to enjoy the rich selection of wellbeing activities on offer, including Fitness, Volleyball Skills, Art Craft, Slime Maker, Dart Station, Desert Cooking, Board Games, Magical Movie, Math Challenge – Joining the Dots, Karaoke, Puzzle Making, Astronomy Talk, and Model Making, which were hosted by teachers and students.

In the afternoon, the four P6 classes joined back together to reflect on their experiences as a class and then share their reflections with the whole group. Before taking the bus back to the PS campus, they wrote “What I am grateful for” messages and posted them outside The Hub, our new library/wellbeing centre, to share their good feelings about the day. As expressed in their many notes, they were grateful for the opportunity to learn, to experience and to share time with their future learning community members. We would like to send a huge thank you to HKUGAPS teachers, staff and parents who helped us organize this wonderful College Day for PS and College students to get to know each other much more. It really was a family day – helping prepare our P6 brothers and sister for their College life. See you all soon!