Blood Donation

Every day, blood transfusions take place to save thousands of lives in Hong Kong. Since there is no substitute for blood, Red Cross can only count on the generosity of blood donors to donate on a continuous basis to support patients with chronic diseases or in need of surgery due to illness or accident. In order to benefit both our students and the community, we organised a blood drive with Red Cross and it was hosted on 25 Feb. More than 58 students signed up for it and they were eager to donate their blood to help others.

Although everyone got a tight schedule, students showed up in the hall on time and everyone rolled up their sleeves. Some students said it took them a lot of courage to get over their fear of needles but they still wanted to take part in the Blood Drive to help those who are in dire need for blood and have no other options.

This year, due to the impact of the seasonal influenza and different trips in Chinese New Year, only 31 donors were successful in donating their blood. Quite a number of students were disappointed because they were not able to go through the screening and the blood test. “I wasn’t able to make it because I took Chinese medication 2 days ago. I will go to the blood donation centre later,” said by one of our students.

Apparently, the Blood Drive has raised students’ awareness and by hosting this meaningful event, we aim at helping more patients in Hong Kong and at the same time, cultivating a strong sense of social responsibility among students.