Green Energy and Green Future were chosen as the theme for this year’s STEM week. Different well-being time activities were held to help students learn how the knowledge in STEM and its application could lead to a better future for all of us. Workshops for biogas production, mosquito repellent production and green architecture model-building were held. In addition, we made use of AR technology to allow more students to participate in the inter-house STEM competitions, and throughout the whole week, more than 1000 participants were recorded in all the activities.

More importantly, in order to nurture students for their sense of altruism, positive purposes were set, with solving problems in society as the guiding principle for investigation and invention work of various STEM teams. Selected teams were invited to present their projects during assembly, for example: the Freshness Maintenance Safe, a refrigeration device that runs without electricity; the Enhanced Methane Production Project; and the award-winning Electricity Saving Project and implementation of the Solar PV System.