North Star Mentorship Programme 2018-2019: Final Presentation

This year marks the eighth year of the North Star Mentorship Programme at HKUGA College. The programme provides our students with experience outside of textbooks and allows them to have a greater understanding of what career they want to pursue in the coming years. All S5 students are grateful to be able to participate in such a profound programme. As part of the programme, guest mentors from different career fields came in and shared their experience in the form of advice and guidance.

On 27th September, 2018, a kick-off ceremony was held for mentor and student mentees to meet. This gave guest mentors and students a chance to understand what the programme is all about. It presented the assignments, outing, and most importantly, the purpose of the programme – enhancing our students understanding of respective careers.

Later, we entered phase two of the programme where students visited their mentor's workplace. Students got a chance to explore their interests and understand the responsibility required in the job, as well as understand what qualifications are necessary and learn the routine of the occupation. The experience was eye-opening for the S5 students and they learned many things they could not read in a book. Each student received a unique assignment that they could explore and gain an even greater understanding of the path they had chosen.

All good things come to an end, though, and the programme's grand finale was from the 12th to the 19th of March, 2019, where students summarized the experiences in the form of presentations. They reflected on the lessons and the knowledge they had gained from the programme, and they shared their thoughts with both their mentors and S4 students, many of whom will take part in the North Star Mentorship Programme next school year. The programme has provided a chance for growth and understanding of the paths that will be taken by our students. It equipped them with essential skills necessary in a workplace and established helpful relations for the future.

We sincerely thank our mentors who put in great effort and shared their experiences to educate our students throughout the programme. Their guidance, support, and dedication have been instrumental in achieving the programme’s purpose of raising global citizens.

Benjamin So Kin Ho (S5CC-23)