S5 Shakespearean Drama Competition

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“But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the west, and Baigujing is the sun!” This line is somewhat awkward, yet pretty much sums up our drama script which combines Romeo and Juliet with Journey to the West. Though this is my first ever drama experience, stage fright surprisingly did not affect me much. Being an audience member to Jerry’s performance was particularly inspiring and entertaining. The way all actors delivered their plot in a professional manner made their performance the best of all. Not that their lines were scripted perfectly, they slayed everyone by their sincere interpretations and made the comedy impressive.

Hayley Cheung, S5CL

As a performer of the Shakespeare Adaptation Drama Competition, I had to overcome stage fright and insufficient expression of emotions. There are a lot of different variables in acting, and since it is an art, it is difficult to compare my performance to someone else's work. However, I noticed the actors from other classes were meticulous in the way they moved and worked through their scenes. What a great experience!

Megan O, S5KS

It was all going well, until I realised I had left my magic stick backstage and had to awkwardly fight bare hands. Luckily, we were not in a real fight, instead we were performing a mashup of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” and “Journey to the West”. To be blunt, it was nerve-wracking to utter incomprehensible old English on stage, but on the bright side, it was a great chance for me to overcome stage fright. The highlight of the competition was watching my fellow schoolmates’ flamboyant acting and hilarious lines. My favourite was when a group performed realistic combat scenes and delivered a heartfelt monologue. They definitely deserved to be crowned. In conclusion, this was a memorable experience in my secondary school life.

Emily Lai, S5LN