Positive Education; Leading by Example


HKUGA College practices wellbeing inside and outside of the classroom. This year, our College has introduced a weekly lunchtime Yoga Practice every Friday for staff to promote and improve mental and physical health. The classes are led by our very own certified Yoga Instructor and Science/Physics Teacher, Mr. Teerawat Nantiyakul. So far, our staff enjoyed a variety of classes ranging from Yoga for Beginners, Relaxing Stretch, Yin & Yang Yoga, Happy Hips, Healthy Back, Basic Vinyasa, as well as Inversions (Shoulder-stands and Headstands)!

Here are some comments and feedback from our staff:

Yoga is a whole new experience for me this year! I find that I improved my strength, balance and flexibility. -Mr Brian Chan

I could feel the burn! -Ms Jenna Lambert

Having yoga at work makes Friday even more exciting! After each session, I feel relaxed, refreshed and recharged. Each class is powerful and rooted to the basics. Adjustments are also given with care and attention to suit the needs of each individual.  I truly enjoyed all the sessions we had. -Ms Faye To

I appreciate the opportunity to sense my physical body. The session is inspiring. -Ms Chao Ying Su

Through simple movements and exercises, I have improved how I feel within my body and ease tensions to build flexibility. It has been a pleasant and exciting experience which enables me to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and maintain a positive attitude. -Mr Bertram Jiang

Loved it - really valuable addition to staff activities, thank you so much! I’m awfully inflexible but didn’t feel silly or judged. -Ms Hayley Spiers

I can get a sense of so many aspects that link to classroom teaching and learning. i.e. intention - targets and objectives as well as the commitment to learn. -Mr Stephen Hindes

After the class, most of my tensions were released and I discovered my limits. I would like to continue with the practice to find out more.  -Ms Jennifer Yu

After the yoga class, every Friday night, I’m so relaxed - I improved my strength, and my body feels more comfortable than before.  -Ms Jessie Choi

It is a blessing and honour to share with my colleagues something I have found useful through years of practice - simple movements and breathing well can prepare you for anything your day has to offer! -Mr Teerawat Nantiyakul

We look forward to offering regular yoga classes to students soon. These will give all an opportunity to practice physical and mental resilience, while developing new skills that they can use in daily life as well as the classroom.