A Positive Start to a New Year - Mr. Chapman Kong

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Interview with Mr. Chapman Kong - by Peggy Tang & Grace Kwok

As the new school year begins, another batch of adorable S1 students have joined us. But they’re not the only new members of our community. Although all of us are obviously charmed by the arrival of our new sisters and brothers, we can't forget about our beloved new teachers! One of those new teachers is Mr. Chapman Kong.

Mr. Kong was inspired to become a teacher by the teachers he had as a student. “My teachers helped me a lot,” he said. “Whether it's with my academic goals or my attitude in learning, they were always there by my side. I guess I just wanted to do the same for others, and try my best to help my students.”

When asked why he chose to teach physics and not other subjects, such as maths, he stated that he had always been interested in science, especially physics, since he was little. “I found the logic of physics rather fascinating, which eventually led me to study it during my university years. Also, in my opinion, physics can train the students’ logical and critical thinking skills, so teaching it will be quite useful and meaningful for us.”

Although Mr. Kong is still a new teacher and has only been teaching here for two months, he appreciates the bravery of students and their creative questions, as that mindset is the root of all scientific theories. He also has noticed that the teachers and students at our school have very strong relationships, and so the students see their teachers as friends.

Mr. Kong has enjoyed teaching throughout his whole career and the thought of quitting never crossed his mind as all the wonderful students he has met remind him of himself. To all the cherished students at HKUGAC, he offers some encouraging advice: “No matter whether you have good results in academics, sports, arts or other areas, in the stages of learning, there will be some difficulties and challenges. But time, patience and diligence are all you need to overcome it. Remember to stay positive and don’t give up!”