Jacky Tong Interview

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By Gyneth Mok

Everyone, please welcome Mr. Jacky Tong! He is a funny, caring teacher who just joined our school this year as one of our newest math teachers. To know more about him and his passion for math, we sat down with him for an interview:

Q. What are your hobbies?

A. I like playing video games and I used to play badminton, but I do that less often now.

Q. Why did you become a teacher?

A. I suppose teaching chose me, and I really enjoy it. I think teaching came to me.

Q. Why did you choose to teach math and what in math do you like to teach about?

A. I first studied engineering in university, and I realised that I enjoyed the mathematics components of engineering. And that’s when I discovered that I wanted to teach math. I like to teach algebra because I’ve always loved calculus and to perform well in calculus, you need to have a strong foundation in algebra and know how to manipulate the symbols.

Q. Why did you choose to teach in our school?

A. I heard a lot of things about the school. And you guys are really sweet, so why not? I have enjoyed my time so far.

Q. What is your first impression of the school?

A. From a teacher’s perspective, I would say that the teachers work very hard, because they really want the students to do well. For the students, I think that they are really sweet, focused, and willing to learn, everything is very positive. But of course, there are things to improve on just like every student in every school.

Q. Oh really? What do you think our students can work on to improve?

A. The students here could work on their self-regulation, and manage their impulses and emotions for sustained periods of time. But I know that the students here are active and lively, so I need to make adjustments to my teaching and incorporate more activities in class.

Q. What do you like about this school?

A. I like one of the things they’re trying to push for, which is positive education. I think students really need a positive and growth mindset. And it’s something that is lacking in most Hong Kong schools, but it’s an important component of school here.

Q. Do you have any tips for the students for math and life overall?

A. For mathematics, you really have to do more exercises and questions to do well, there isn’t any way around it. And I also hope that the students find mathematics fun so they don’t think the questions are boring. Don’t do so many questions because you have to, but do it because you think that it’s fun. And in terms of living life, I think putting God first is the most important thing.